Hello there. My name is Lisa.

Eating, reading, writing, running, spending time in nature, opining–these are a few of my favorite things. Ovenbird is devoted to delicious, easy, and generally inexpensive plant-based eating, with a generous helping of commentary. I’ll try out recipes, tell you what I’m eating (not that you asked), and take rather clumsily staged photos of the food I’ve prepared. For the most part, recipes featured on Ovenbird will be the creations of other, fabulously talented people and will be duly credited as such. Photographs, in general, will be my own; in the context of “vegan food porn,” my images are definitely of the amateur variety.

Vegan for the animals for just over a quarter of a century, I’m decidedly old school in my approach to food. I hold a special place in my heart for one-pot cooking.

Ovenbird is a companion blog to Thoughts Like Birds.

What’s an ovenbird? Visit All About Birds to find out.

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