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2016: Last Crumbs

As we bid adieu to 2016 (don’t let the door hit you on the way out, stupid year), I’m doing a bit of housekeeping here in the Ovenbird kitchen. No crazy resolutions to proclaim, just a promise to myself to be kind, eat well and wisely, and amble more. So tonight I’m sharing a few random edibles I threw together since my last post, just to clear the decks–out with the old, in with the new, and all that.

First, there were muffins (there are always muffins)–sweet, cakey, melt-in-your-mouth, mixed berry muffins from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Vegan Brunch:


And maple-sweetened, no oil banana chocolate chip muffins from Dreena Burton’s Plant-Powered Families:


There were oven fries (sliced russets tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper) and gravy with mixed greens, leftover from Thanksgiving, an almost poutine:


There was first-day-of-winter-break braided pizza, made with Immaculate Baking Company’s crescent roll dough and Follow Your Heart mozzarella shreds:


There was a lot of soup:


And, in this last week of December, a lot of sweets. For New Year’s Eve I picked up a beautiful raspberry-peach cobbler from Sweet to Lick Vegan Bakery in Williston Park, NY, and my mother-in-law picked up some tasty vegan strawberry cheesecake from The Health Nuts in Bayside, NY. Of course I had both. It would have been impolite not to.


As midnight draws nigh, I am looking ahead to a greener, less sugar-filled, and hopefully fitter 2017. I begin a three-month running clinic in January and I’m signed up for a couple of trail runs (including a 12-miler in April), and I’m determined to fuel my body more wisely. (Notice how I evaded any crazy resolution-making there.)

Very recently, a friend started me knitting for the resistance. I can now knit and purl, and I’m diligently working on my very first pussyhat (my very first hat, period, for that matter) for the Women’s March on Washington. Hat #1 is, shall we say, one of a kind. It’s supposed to look like this. The next hat will be better.


That is one jacked-up hat.

Did you know it’s possible to knit while you run?

Lastly, I wanted to share my new favorite vegan nail polish with you. I discovered Pacifica polish the day after the election when I wanted to scrub an I’m-with-her manicure that was bumming me out every time I caught a glimpse of my hands. Pacifica makes an array of wonderful colors, but I particularly like the shade called “Luxe Interior,” black and glittery–just like my soul.


I think that just about does it for 2016. May 2017 bring comfort and peace to all beings. And may you have a very happy New Year. Catch you on the flip side.


  1. I love that your nailpolish color is called Luxe Interior. Pacifica gets total punk rock points from this Cramps fan! :)

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