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Post-Election Comfort

Do I even have to explain? Above, vegan vanilla/vanilla cupcakes from The Cupcake Bar. Truly elegant and toothsome treats. Below, lunch at the Durham Food Co-op, all vegan: seitan mac and cheese, cabbage dumplings, fiesta corn, creamed spinach, and vegetable soup.

I’m not proud. Tomorrow I may be all brown rice and kale, but today, this is where I’m at:

What’s your comfort food?


  1. Don’t feel bad for indulging, I think a lot of us have been in the same boat. On the plus side, you’ve chosen some quality comfort food – the cakes look especially good. We stuffed our faces with chips and crisps last night, and felt a little bit better.

    • Thanks for commiserating, Jenny! I think the sad food phase may continue a bit longer. I’ll try to work a bit of green and fresh fruit into the rotation, though.

    • Thank for your sympathy. We’re doing what we can over here–cooking unfortunately has been the last thing on my mind, so I’m taking comfort in the cooking of strangers. :-)

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