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VeganMoFo Day 2–Down with OPC (Other People’s Cooking)

Yeah, you know me. Some days just get away from me. Today was a couple a ticks above the usual level of dukkha. It was an instant oatmeal in a paper cup at work kind of day. By lunchtime, I was in need of some Southern comfort. In my case, that translates into the #8 at Banh’s Cuisine, a veritable institution in our fair city. Don’t bother Googling their website–they don’t have one. What they do have is a devoted local following that packs the tiny joint, particularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays when they feature Vietnamese specials. Banh’s has always taken good care of their veg customers, with regular specials like the beloved #8–Black Bean Tofu with sticky rice, broccoli, and baby bok choy–Banh Mi sandwiches with tofu and eggplant, Vegetable Wonton Noodle Soup, Ginger Tofu (my favorite), and salad rolls.

As with Wednesday’s lunch, dinner was courtesy of other people’s cooking. Yesterday I bought these lovely sweet potato “steaks” and garlicky mustard greens for lunch at Whole Foods, but hadn’t gotten around to eating them (I filled up on WF’s minestone and an everything bagel instead…). Boy, was I glad to see that little brown box in the fridge tonight.img_6107

Well, tomorrow is another day. It’s also $3 dinner night at our local co-op (always with a vegan option), so I may avail myself of OPC yet again. I promise, I’ll get around to posting about some of my own cooking before the Vegan Month of Food is out.

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  1. $3 dinner?! You definitely live in the right place! The #8 looks so good. I rarely get to eat Vietnamese food, which is a shame as it’s so delicious!

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