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Weekend Loafing: Warming Up with Happy Herbivore’s Hippie Loaf

The autumn equinox is nigh and the weather here is warm and golden, perfect for woodland hikes and cozy suppers. I spent much of yesterday outdoors with my dog and haven’t gotten around to doing much cooking or planning for this week’s meals, which mostly likely will include cool-weather fare such as chili and lentil sloppy joes. So today I’ll report on one of last week’s entrees, Happy Herbivore’s Hippie Loaf. This dish is a hearty and flavorful gluten-free mix of black beans, quinoa, and vegetables. Knowing the loaf would require at least 45 minutes in the oven, I prepared it late Sunday afternoon, anticipating a day or two of leftovers. My husband and I really enjoyed it (my kid was, as with most vegetable-rich dishes, meh about it), so we dispatched it handily in two dinners.

I confess, I love anything (vegan) in a loaf pan. The pan itself is the epitome of elegant simplicity. From pumpkin bread to vegan meatloaf, that congealed cuboid melange of flavors, turned out neatly onto a cute serving platter, just makes me happy.

If you’re looking for a dish that’s satisfying and homey, I encourage you to give Hippie Loaf a try. I found that should have kept it in the oven a bit longer than 45 minutes, maybe as long as an hour, but it was delicious nonetheless and even tasted great cold the next day. This recipe calls for black beans, but in the future I might try mixing it up a bit with pintos or kidneys. Pairs well with fresh corn on the cob and apple cider.

I hope to steal enough time today to finish the mystery novel I’ve been reading. In the meantime, I leave you with this poem by Walt Whitman, who had his own ideas about how best to spend a glorious autumn day.


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